Ditch-it has been getting a lot of attention lately, mostly because it puts a new and tech-savvy spin on a very old idea. But can you really make crypto using the Ditch-it App?

Ditch-it has caught on faster than any of us could have anticipated, but our goal remains much bigger – to build the largest secondhand mobile marketplace in the world.

Ditch-it’s early growth is unprecedented for this type of platform and it’s clearly tapped into an enormous consumer demand for a better way to buy and sell locally. In a short time, it’s become a the largest ICO used by millions of buyers and sellers. And its growth has only been accelerating.

We are powering a fast-expanding secondhand economy that benefits not just buyers and sellers, but also the environment. Ditch-it will helps tens of millions of users globally to think used before they think new.

The CEO and Founder of Ditch-it, Michael Anthony said “he’s confident that the global market for secondhand goods is poised for serious growth in the near future. “This will be a very hot category for a very long time,” he said. “We want a world where nothing gets unused.”

Buying or selling your used things for cryptocurrency is getting even easier. Users still flock to Craigslist — making close to $700 million in profit last year, according to AIM Group. But easy-to-use apps like Ditch-it have the online-classifieds giant in their sights.

Our Concluding Thoughts On Ditch-it

Can you really earn crypto on Ditch-it?


How much can you earn?

That all depends on what you have to sell. This app is pretty much an online mobile local marketplace that allows anyone to sell the stuff that they don’t want anymore, for whatever price they choose to set for it.

This doesn’t mean that you are going to be guaranteed success if you sell on Ditch-it—but it does mean that you’ll have access to a fun and rewarding app to help recycle old, unwanted belongings for cash or crypto.




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