ENQ (Enecuum HK, Ltd.), the company created the HyperDAG protocol, was invited to participate in the Blockchain session at the Startup Camp in Berlin (April, 12 – 13, Siemens Convention Center). Mike Sayfuller, CEO of the company told about the future of blockchain technology. That seems very emblematic that ENQ was asked to predict the future of the technology because of the corporate slogan is “The blockchain of Tomorrow”. Also Enecuum was mentioned as an active content contributor for the event.

“The Startup Camp in Berlin is an important part of our road show, — said Mike after the presentation. — We clearly realized now that Germany in general and Berlin in particular start to be the world’s biggest blockchain hub. We strongly appreciate e-Shelter Innovation Lab and personally Tuan Nguen for the invitation to take part in the event and for the opportunity to feel the startup-friendly environment in Berlin. Also special thanks to Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner from Frankfurt School Blockchain Center for his explanations of the local context that help us to prepare relevant content to help blockchain-related startups in Berlin to jump into the community.”

Enecuum is a variative decentralized environment that seeks to allow to integrate blockchain technologies into business and government structures. The technological base of Enecuum has the potential to be is suitable for solving various tasks in fintech, banking, document processing, insurance, transportation of goods, educational platforms, decentralized apps and exchanges, and ICOs.

Enecuum is a completely new type of blockchain built from scratch. Along with developing existing ideas, it implements a range of completely new technologies, like mobile mining (PoA and more) with the potential to transform the industry.

While describing the exciting innovations of the company, one should not lose sight of the project’s key purpose: Enecuum is aiming to solve practical tasks, including those of the real segment of the economy. For instance, it will feature a convenient API for fast integration with existing business processes.


Featured photo via Getty Images.