It has come to the attention of Taklimakan Network that an unauthorized copy of the platform’s TKLN token appears to have been made available for trading on the YoBit Exchange earlier today. Taklimakan advises anyone who is interested in purchasing TKLN tokens that none of their tokens will be listed on any exchanges until their ICO ends on June 9, 2018. The Taklimakan Network affirms that they were not contacted by YoBit at any time about the possibility of listing the token before the end of the company’s ICO, and that numerous attempts by Taklimakan representatives to contact the YoBit Exchange regarding the TKLN copy have been unsuccessful. Taklimakan Network urges buyers of their token to ensure that they are making purchases through the authorized ICO, which is linked on their website at

The company would like to remind the public that any tokens sold outside of their ICO do not grant any access or rights to the Taklimakan Network platform’s tools or services. Those interested in buying the TKLN or following updates and news about the token are encouraged to refer to the company’s official social media and website before making any purchases and to always beware of possible scams.

The Taklimakan app is a crowd-sourced trading service and toolkit meant to empower users of any experience level who want to make educated choices about cryptocurrency investing. It was developed as an education-based business platform designed to increase blockchain and cryptocurrency literacy. The company recently announced that they had reached the soft cap benchmark for their token sale just one month into their ICO. This news has understandably generated interest in the company’s TKLN token, and so it is possible that enthusiasm for the company has attracted potential scams.

Taklimakan Network CEO, Rashid Yussup, expressed disappointment after discovering that the unauthorized TKLN copy had been made available to the public. “Our company’s aim has always been to be a faithful guide for anyone interested in cryptocurrency trading. This unfortunate situation demonstrates yet again how important it is for token enthusiasts to have reliable, vetted information that can be verified across the sector by dependable experts,” he says. “Taklimakan Network remains committed to becoming a leading force in bringing cryptocurrency to the global mainstream, but we urge all token traders and purchasers to do their due diligence before buying.”