Centurion, a new type of cryptocurrency launched in February 2017, focuses on scalability and ease-of-use. This interesting digital coin borrows features from bitcoin and other altcoins, offering the users a simple and efficient platform for exchanging funds. Moreover, it focuses on promoting children through different charities all over the world, contributing directly to the social development of the physical world.

As the bitcoin platform continues to struggle with scalability issues in clearing the transaction backlog, the centurion’s network can confirm a transaction under 6 minutes. This cryptocurrency protocol has a 2MB block size, which is twice bigger than the bitcoin protocol. It also runs Centurion4Children, a charity organization branded as the children protector and aimed at assisting needy children worldwide. This charity received an initial donation of 5 million Centurions, after its launch.

So, how does centurion cryptocurrency work?

If you are familiar with the basics of cryptocurrency, using the Centurion should be a walk in the park. This new kid in the block comes with ready-made API libraries, allowing businesses to easily integrate this merchant payment method into their websites. This means that businesses can conveniently accept payments of goods and services using this digital coin.

For crypto investors and traders, the centurion was first traded on Excambiorex, a major cryptocurrency exchange dealing with bitcoin and other digital coins. This digital currency is also available on the NovaExchange, C-Cex, and CoinExchange, with many more expected to adopt it. Like any other digital coin, centurion can be used to transact any business, including buying and selling of products online. Its first adopter is a major online store, selling videos and ebooks on marketing, internet tips and cryptocurrency tips and business insights.

Mining Specifications

Cryptocurrency users can be differentiated in two groups, the specialist group, and casual users. The specialist’s group consists of adept crypto users and can adopt a new digital currency when it hits the market. The Centurion understands that the global market has more casual users than specialists, making it easy to adopt this cryptocurrency.

Centurion offers the users a chance to get adopt these crypto coins by mining them using simple, preconfigured files. These files can be downloaded intuitively to start a GPU and CPU mining.

Centurion’s mining pools do not require users to manually withdraw their rewards or even sign up before starting the mining process. Instead, users automatically get their money in their wallets. This not only improves its usability but also reduces the risk of malicious attacks on the mining wallets. The auto payout procedure commences in few minutes and is very sweet.


With all its proceeds going into helping children in India, Africa, Europe and other places in the world, Centurion is offering a convenient payment platform. Investors can check out Excambiorex or any of the above-mentioned cryptocurrency exchanges, to convert their fiat currency into Centurion tokens. Don’t forget that this may be what you need to break into the cryptocurrency industry.





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