Munich, Germany, June 2018– Shivom, the blockchain-based platform aiming to create the world’s largest genomic data hub, has just announced that they will be listed on their first two exchanges, Coinbene and KuCoin. Shivom’s OmiX token has also been integrated into the Jaxx wallet. The announcement comes shortly after Shivom closed out their ICO within just 15 seconds, after reaching their $35 million hard cap. Trading went live on June 4th.

Shivom will provide  an integrated solution for patients and genome data donors, in which genomes can be sequenced and securely stored. This will further provide an open web marketplace for other providers — such as pharmaceuticals, research organizations, governments, patient-support groups and insurance companies — to add their apps and services, alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine.

Shivom’s decentralized platform works to break the monopolies on genomic data, democratizing the processes of sharing and utilizing it, while diversifying databases and bringing genetic testing to developing nations and underrepresented populations. Shivom’s use of blockchain technology and Smart Contracts ensures that all genomic data shared on the platform will remain absolutely anonymous and secure, while its OmiX (OMX) token incentivizes users to share their data.

Coinbene is a secure crypto assets exchange based in Singapore. KuCoin is a Hong Kong based exchange, that was founded in 2013. The listings will allow users who didn’t get a chance to participate in the Shivom crowdfunding campaign to obtain OmiX tokens and become part of the Shivom community.

Jaxx is a digital wallet that was created in 2014 by Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Diiorio. The wallet works to incorporate security and privacy, on a simple platform. Jaxx will allow OMX token holders to easily access their tokens.

“The listings on Coinbene and KuCoin is a step in the right direction for Shivom,” Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Axel Schumacher said. “We experienced a strong demand for OMX during our crowdfund  and being listed on these platforms will allow our community to access our tokens and simultaneously grow. Shivom is propelling forward in our goal to have our MVP out by the fourth quarter. ”



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