Berlin, Germany, June 2018 —YEAY, a video commerce platform for Generation Z and Millennials, is excited to announce today that it will be the first platform to partner with WOM Token Ltd., to give people a new way to monetize their content. On the strategic advice of YEAY’s Young Entrepreneur Advisory Board, the WOM Token will enable brands to tap into peer-to-peer recommendations, while empowering people to earn money through user-generated content. YEAY’s large community of 170,000 users, are the first content creators to connect with brands through the WOM ecosystem. The WOM Token connects content creators and loyal “fans” with their favorite brands through blockchain technology. The open source campaign manager allows brands to source, track and reward fan advocacy using smart contracts.

Now, with WOM Token Ltd., brands are able to optimize their content and users will gain tokens by creating and promoting their own content. These young, talented content creators will be rewarded for their work, have a better opportunity to become brand ambassadors, and gain tokens on the Ethereum platform.

“The majority of marketers are still chasing reach,” says CEO and founder of YEAY, Melanie Mohr, “but the average social media user with 600 or so friends and family following them has so much more than that: an authentic, direct and trusted relationship with their peers. These peer-to-peer interactions, no matter how micro, have the power to convert into sales. And there are already more than 2.1 billion of them happening online among friends, every day.”

User-generated content surpasses the ability to resonate with consumers more than any other ad.  However, in order for brands to acquire this creative content and use it for their own marketing, they need to reach out to these content creators, ask permission, and check out the Terms of Agreement. WOM Token Ltd. makes this whole process seamless and easy. YEAY’s Young Advisory Board, consisting exclusively of Generation Z board members, was established to provide YEAY with strategic consultancy over the needs of the next generation of users.

The WOM Token provides:

  • Trusted engagement between all relevant stakeholders within the ecosystem.
  • Rewards for participation and creativity can be executed immediately without the need for a moderator.
  • Transparency which will instantly reward brand advocacy.
  • Easy ability to buy and trade with the WOM Tokens through centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • Consistent rewards for content creators.