Dogecoin SNL and Elon Musk Anticipation have caught up with BuyUcoin Team as well. To share the SNL drive with the world we are launching a Contest Marathon.

Dogecoin Trading Competition

and, Dogecoin Deposit Contest

Let’s Talk about Dogecoin Trading Competition and Prize Distribution

How-To participate in Dogecoin SNL Trading Competition

Trade Dogecoin with INR Pair on EZ OTC Desk for more than INR 5,000 Once.

Tradeing Platform:

Atleast, Share the Post on Twitter and use hashtag #Dogecoins and #BuyUcoin together.

Prize Distribution of Dogecoin SNL Trading Competition

Dogecoin SNL

1st Top Trader will get INR 50,000
2nd Top Trader will get INR 25,000
The next 20 Top Traders will get 1250 INR Each

Happy Trading!

Now, Let’s know more about the Dogecoin SNL Deposit Contest

How-To Participate in Dogecoin SNL Deposit Contest

Deposit Dogecoin above INR Value 25,000 and win guaranteed free doge.

Deposit Link:

Prize Distribution in Dogecoin SNL Deposit Contest

Dogecoin SNL Deposits Contest

Users who complete above mentioned eleigibility will get scratch cards worth up to 10,000 INR directly into there dashboards.

Happy Dogecoin Deposits

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