Bitcoin loses 6% in an hour after Tesla drops payments over carbon concerns

The Bitcoin markets are pulling back after electric car manufacturer Tesla suspended its support for vehicle purchases using BTC. In a May 13 tweet, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk noted the company’s concerns regarding the “rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal.”

Vitalik Buterin says Uniswap should become an oracle token

Uniswap’s native UNI token can greatly enhance its utility by becoming a pricing oracle for stable coins, according to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. UNI is in a prime position to complement Chainlink, he said. Uniswap brings value for many reasons, not the least of which is its large market cap. becomes first cryptocurrency platform to receive MFSA Class 3 license

Under the Class 3 VFA license, can provide custodial services and execute orders on behalf of other persons. has also reported more active utilization of its Visa cards, especially for everyday essentials like groceries. has become a principal member of the Visa network and is looking to expand its fiat lending program this year.

Ether breaks $500-billion market cap for the first time

Ether (ETH), the second most-valued cryptocurrency after Bitcoin (BTC), has hit a major milestone amid the ongoing price rally. On Wednesday, Ether’s price set another historic record, surging to as high as $4,346, according to data from CoinMarketCap. Ethers market capitalization briefly surpassed $500 billion, reaching nearly $505 billion on Wednesday.

Goldman Sachs exec reportedly quits job after making Dogecoin fortune

After working at Goldman Sachs for 14 years, a banker reportedly left the firm due to netting massive gains from their Dogecoin holdings. Dogecoin has been repeatedly recording major milestones recently, outstripping the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), in the number of related internet search queries.

Dogecoin price dumps

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