Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Teaches Elon How To Fix Dogecoin

How To Fix Dogecoin Well, Doge is a Litecoin fork. And Litecoin is a Bitcoin fork, so they basically use the same code. Because the whole Cardano value proposition rests on the notion that Bitcoin is old technology. To begin with, he recommends Prism. He says it’s “probably the best and fastest Proof-Of-Work protocol on market right now.” It can do 10.000 transactions per second.

BTC wobbles to $40,000, but weak technical levels delay upswing to $50,000

Bitcoin price is pivotal at $40,000, whereby bulls lack the momentum to extend the gains to $50,000 and barricade the downside, eliminating all bearish threats. The 40% recovery from the support at $30,500 fizzled out at $43,000, marking the most formidable technical resistance.

Institutional investors bought more Ethereum than Bitcoin last month

In the report, CoinShares, the second-biggest and largest European digital asset manager said Bitcoin investment products recorded a colossal $98 million in outflows. The outflows were solely from Bitcoin investment products which totalled $98 million or 0.2% of total assets under management. While small, this marks the largest outflow we have recorded, with the second-largest for Ethereum $19 million in May 2019.

Elon Musk Says Bitcoin Lightning Is Needed

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is diving deeper into the Bitcoin scaling debate in his latest tweet. The centi-billionaire claims that a single layer will be able to handle all future transactions because of rapidly rising bandwidth and computing power but concedes that Lightning, a Layer 2 protocol, is still needed for now.

Cryptocurrency Investors Ask Google if They Should Sell After Crypto Market Crash

Cryptocurrency markets have been crashing over the last few days, with bitcoin dropping from a $57,000 high to $32,000 before it started recovering. The drop has seen search interest for crypto assets reach a new all-time high on the world’s largest search engine. Data shared by Google itself revealed that throughout the world, search interest for the term “cryptocurrency” hit a new all-time high, far above the search interest seen back in 2017.

Dogecoin price dumps

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