People have kept gold for a variety of reasons and “how to invest in Gold” is considered as one of the best savings for the future. Societies, and now economies, have assigned a monetary value to gold, thereby perpetuating its value. 

It is the metal we turn to when other forms of currency fail, so it always has some value as insurance against bad times. Diversification is important in all investment portfolios, and investing in gold can help diversify a portfolio, especially during market declines when the price of gold tends to rise.

Gold as an investment

When gold is mined, it remains in the world. A barrel of oil, on the other hand, is converted into gas and other products that are used in the gas tank of your car or the jet engines of airplanes. 

Grains are found in the food that we and our animals consume. Gold, on the other hand, is made into jewelry, used in art, stored in ingots in vaults, and used for a variety of other purposes. 

As a result, the supply/demand argument that can be made for commodities such as oil and grains, etc., does not hold true for gold. In other words, even if demand for the metal declines, supply will increase over time.

Value of Gold

When it comes to investing in gold, you can’t ignore the impact of human psychology. The precious metal has always been a safe refuge investment during times of fear and uncertainty, which often accompany economic recessions and depressions. Gold is the obvious choice for this ledger. 

If a disaster occurs which destroys paper money and the system that supports it, we will return to gold. When other forms of currency fail, we will turn to gold, which means that gold will always have value in both good and bad times.

Gold has captivated human societies since the dawn of recorded history. Over gold and mercantilism, empires and kingdoms were built and destroyed. Gold became universally accepted as a satisfactory form of payment as societies advanced. 

In short, gold has always had more power than any other commodity on the planet, and that power has never truly vanished. Until the 1970s, the United States monetary system was based on a gold standard.

Stock market and Gold

The stock market is the simplest way to gain exposure to gold, as you can invest in actual gold bullion or shares of gold-mining companies. Investing in gold bullion does not provide the same level of leverage as investing in gold-mining stocks. Higher profit margins for miners can boost earnings exponentially as the price of gold rises. 

Assume a mining company has a $200 profit margin when the price of gold is $1000. If the price of gold rises 10% to $1100 per ounce, the operating margin of gold miners increases by 50% to $300.

How to Invest in Gold?

Physical gold bars or coins are the most direct way to own gold, but they can be illiquid and must be stored securely. Many top investment advisors recommend allocating a portion of one’s portfolio to commodities, including gold, in order to reduce overall portfolio risk

We’ll go over many different ways to invest in gold, such as bullion (gold bars), mutual funds, futures, mining companies, and jewellery.


The PAXG backing contains no unallocated gold; instead, it is fully collateralized by physical gold at the ratio of one troy ounce (roughly 31 grams) of a gold bar meeting the London Good Delivery standard to one PAXG token. 

Paxos Gold (PAXG) is a cryptocurrency backed by real gold reserves held by Paxos, a for-profit New York-based company. Each PAXG token is redeemable for one troy fine ounce of gold held in vaults by Paxos and its partners, and its market value is intended to correspond to the physical gold it represents.

You can redeem for a physical gold bar by launching a sell request from the Paxos wallet dashboard’s PAX Gold page. Given that London Good Delivery gold bars range from 370-430oz, you will need a minimum of 430 PAXG plus fees to redeem PAXG into Gold Bars.

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Gold Bullion

Many people associate gold bullion with the large gold bars stored at Fort Knox. Gold bullion, in fact, is any form of pure, or nearly pure, gold that has been certified for weight and purity. 

This includes coins, bars, and other items of any size. A serial number is also commonly attached to gold bars for security reasons. While large gold bars are impressive to look at, their large size (up to 400 troy ounces) makes them illiquid and thus expensive to buy and sell. 

Bullion held in smaller-sized bars and coins, on the other hand, provides much more liquidity and is quite popular among gold owners.

Gold Coins

Because gold coins are frequently minted in smaller sizes (one ounce or less), they are a more convenient way to invest in gold than larger bars. Furthermore, purchasing gold bullion is a direct investment in the value of gold, with each dollar change in the price of gold changing the value of one’s holdings proportionally. 

Other gold investments, such as mutual funds, may be made in smaller dollar amounts than bullion and may not have the same level of direct price exposure as bullion.

Gold ETFs and Mutual Funds

Investing in one of the gold-based exchange-traded funds is an alternative to purchasing gold bullion directly (ETFs). Each share of these specialised instruments represents a predetermined amount of gold, such as one-tenth of an ounce. 

These funds can be bought and sold in any brokerage or IRA account, just like stocks. This method is thus simpler and less expensive than directly owning bars or coins, particularly for small investors, because the minimum investment is only the price of a single share of the ETF. 

However, for the average gold investor, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are now the most convenient and secure way to invest in gold.

Gold Futures and Options

Futures contracts are agreements to buy or sell a specific amount of an item, in this case, gold, on a specific date in the future. Futures contracts, not shares, are traded and represent a predetermined amount of gold

Futures options are an alternative to purchasing a futures contract outright. These give the option holder the right to purchase the futures contract at a predetermined price within a specified time frame.

Gold Mining Companies

Companies that specialise in mining and refining will benefit from rising gold prices as well. Investing in these types of companies can be a profitable way to profit from gold while also posing a lower risk than other investment options.

Because the largest gold mining companies have extensive global operations, business factors common to many other large corporations play a role in the success of such an investment. 

As a result, even when gold prices are flat or declining, these companies can still turn a profit. One way they accomplish this is by hedging against a drop in gold prices as a routine part of their business.

Gold Jewelry

Jewellery accounts for approximately 49% of global gold production.   With the world’s population and wealth increasing on a yearly basis, the demand for gold used in jewellery production should rise over time. 

Gold jewellery buyers, on the other hand, appear to be price-sensitive, purchasing less if the price rises rapidly. The benefit of purchasing jewellery in this manner is that there is no retail markup; the disadvantage is the time spent searching for valuable pieces. 

Even if it is not the most profitable investment, jewellery ownership is the most enjoyable way to own gold. Gold jewellery is a work of art in and of itself. Unless you are a jeweller, it is a mediocre investment.

Futures and options are excellent investments for more aggressive investors. Buyer beware: Because these investments are derivatives of the gold price, they can experience sharp up and down movements, especially when done on margin. 

Futures, on the other hand, are probably the most efficient way to invest in gold, except that contracts must be rolled over on a regular basis as they expire.

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