XRP price outlook: Why it struggles to break past $1

XRP is currently facing a primary battle to break past the $1 level despite making a remarkable recovery from the Sunday seven-day low price of $0.66 that coincided with the overall crypto market volatility. By press time, XRP was trading at $0.87, dropping below the psychological level of $1 at least for the third time in May in return, posing the question of whether the token’s rally has stalled.

COMIT Network makes Monero / Bitcoin atomic swaps available on the main net

COMIT Network, an open protocol facilitating ‘trustless’ cross-blockchain applications, has announced that peer-to-peer atomic swaps between Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC) are now available on the main net. This allows users to trade XMR for BTC without needing to trust an intermediary or the trading counterparty. Users can more easily trade without using a regulated financial institution.

Ethereum flipping Bitcoin

Ethereum has considerably reduced the gap to Bitcoin. While comparing their market caps would not bequeath such sentiment (BTC’s $680 billion to ETH’s $292 billion), in terms of exposure, fundamental developments, and overall market intrinsic value, Ethereum is right in the mix and no longer under its shade. Its rapid growth keeps bringing up the probable eventuality of Ether overturning BTC’s market cap in a few years.

VeChain Foundation Met With China’s Government Officials

Per the report by the VeChain Foundation, the representatives from the enterprise blockchain platform and the governments talked about “potential transformative collaborations”. The organization claimed to be “ever-ready” to help all sectors from private companies to governments.

API3 and smart contract platform Moonbeam bring off-chain data to Polkadot

API3, a provider of decentralized APIs (dAPIs), has announced integration with Moonbeam, the project that simplifies the process for Ethereum applications to expand to the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem, making APIs effortlessly available to multi-chain applications.

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